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lumicool coloured

Solar control - Lumicool coloured

LUMICOOL coloured window films offer a choice of five natural tones (black, grey, brown, taupe, blue) and amber. In addition to the films’ capacity to absorb solar energy, thereby lowering interior temperatures, their colour options provide plenty of scope to enhance the exterior appearance of buildings.

The amber film (1905) blocks a wider range of UV rays, making it suitable for use in buildings housing activities for which any exposure to UV can be damaging (for example, photo-optical manufacturing, microelectronics) and for people with UV-sensitive medical conditions.

Other key features and options:

• Blocks 99% UV rays – minimises risk of skin damage and fading or discolouration of interior furnishings
• Interior application
• Shatterproof – increased safety in event of glazing being broken
• Scratch resistant coating – increased durability

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