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Insect repellent - Optron

Uniquely developed by WINCOS, OPTRON is a highly innovative range of window films that offer up to 80% insect repellent rate (dependent on film selected). The repellence is achieved by the film’s capacity to reflect UV rays in the wavelength range from 300 nm to 400 nm. The result is to render standard lighting invisible to these insects, thus preventing their attraction to the glass.


A non-invasive, non-maintenance approach to insect repellence, these films are suitable for installation in facilities where hygiene is a vital consideration such as pharmaceutical and food factories, overnight retail shops, or hospitals.

Other key features and options:

• Blocks 99% UV rays – minimises risk of skin damage and fading or discolouration of interior furnishings
• Interior application (7 products); Exterior application (2 products)
• Blocking of electromagnetic signals e.g. mobile phones and privacy effect (OPTRON GM)
• Shatterproof – increased safety in event of glazing being broken
• Scratch resistant coating – increased durability

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