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clear shatterproof lumicool

Clear shatterproof - Lumicool

LUMICOOL shatterproof window films increase the safety of glazing in the event of a breakage. The clear film helps hold the broken glass in place, reducing the risk of injury from scattering of glass shards and fragments.

The product range includes a highly resistant product (1561UH) with a level of anti-penetration and anti-impact performance that will deter would-be intruders. Particularly note-worthy is 1501UH, which has been specifically designed to reduce iridescence and does so more effectively than any competitor product we know of.

Other key features and options:

• Blocks 99% UV rays – minimises risk of skin damage and fading or discolouration of interior furnishings
• Interior application (5 products); Exterior application (1 product)
• Scratch resistant coating – increased durability

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