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Wincos Solar control

Solar control window films reduce the penetration of solar radiation through architectural glazing, via a combination of absorption and reflection. This helps lowers the interior temperature, reducing the use of air conditioning and associated energy consumption. In winter, the energy absorption property of solar control film helps to prevent heat escaping through the glazing, further contributing to energy savings. The solar control film can also reduce glare (for example on computer monitors and TV screens), and balance out ‘hot spots’ in areas near windows that are exposed to direct sunlight.

WINCOS’ solar control film range offers a choice of clear, metalised and coloured films. Between them, they provide solutions for a wide variety of architectural applications and offer excellent ROI in energy savings over the product lifetime. Their use, either on new builds or as a retrofit, will contribute to meeting BREEAM assessment standards for sustainability.

solar control
– Heatcut

Allows very high transmission of visible light - up to 86%

solar control

Reflects up to 33% of solar radiation whilst allowing good levels of visible light

solar control
Lumicool metalised

Reflects up to 59% and absorbs up to 60% of solar radiation

solar control
Lumicool coloured

Available in a choice of five natural tones

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Wincos Clear shatterproof


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