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Lintec Graphic Films ensures smooth landing for British Airways hangar project

Ultra-durable 08-985 glazing film enables British Airways to carry out 24/7 respraying operations at Heathrow-based hangar

Lintec Graphic Films was recently involved in a refurbishment project at one of British Airways’ airplane hangars at Heathrow Airport. The hangar – BA TBK Bay 3 – was originally built in the early 1970s, half of which was later converted for the upkeep and maintenance of the airline’s famous fleet of planes. Part of the refurbishment – overseen by main contractor Morgan Sindall – required the hangar’s glass roof to be replaced.


The original construction comprised of a single patent glazed Georgian wired glass rooflight that was set in an insulated profiled metal roof. However over the years it had deteriorated and was beginning to leak when exposed to wet weather. This was disrupting the 24/7 respraying operations of the aircrafts, prompting the UK’s biggest airline to seek a more stable and durable solution.

Rooflight specialist Roofglaze was sub-contracted to handle the installation, using 1,300m² of polycarbonate panels supplied by transparent building material supplier Rodeca. These 16mm thick PC 2630 panels are considered 200 times tougher than glass, while still allowing 80% light transmittance.


Critically, the brief specified that Roofglaze’s installation must guarantee a 10-year warranty to ensure uninterrupted work within the hangar. Due to the nature of the work and the corrosive environment that is created from the chemicals and solvents released by the paint, Lintec Graphic Films was approached to supply a glazing film that could protect the panels against any potential damage and safeguard BA’s investment.

Lintec Graphic Films put forward its ultra-durable 08-985 matt clear fluoropolymer glazing film, which is specifically designed for flat polycarbonate surfaces. Offering superior weathering, chemical and elevated temperature performance, it can be used for both interior and exterior applications. In this instance, Roofglaze used the film for the interior of the panels.

The 08-985 film also diffuses light and can be used for building privacy purposes. It possesses excellent elevated temperature, shear and chemical cleaning resistance and can resist outgassing from polycarbonate surfaces. It can be applied using conventional wet methods or via dry lamination processes.

“This ultra-durable film can maintain superior optical and mechanical properties for a far greater time period compared to conventional films,” comments Steve Bird, Project Manager, Lintec Graphic Films. “As with this interesting project, it can make a great difference to the longevity of any glazing installation, protecting the interests and investments of all contractors involved. It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved with such a world renowned brand.”